Eddie Van Halen’s Sound/Setup on Van Halen 1

Eddie Van Halen: “On This Day (February 10th) In 1978, The Van Halen Album Was Released!  I used a Shure 57 microphone and my famous stock 100 watt Marshall through my Variac down to 89 volts and a 4X12 slant cabinet to record the whole record.”

Released:  February 10, 1978

Recorded: Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood, CA

Van Halen entered the studio in October 1977 to begin recording their debut release. It is said to have taken only three weeks to record and cost approximately $40,000 to produce.

The album peaked at #19 in the United States on the Billboard 200.  It has since been certified ‘Diamond’ (1996) for selling over ten million copies.


1. Runnin’ with the Devil
2. Eruption
3. You Really Got Me
4. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
5. I’m the One
6. Jamie’s Cryin’
7. Atomic Punk
8. Feel Your Love Tonight
9. Little Dreamer
10. Ice Cream Man
11. On Fire