Eddie Van Halen CBD Oil Is A Scam

Wolf Van Halen: Hey, I’ve gotten enough messages about this shit so I figured I’d do my best to shut it down.

This CBD oil thing going around is a scam. Another batch of soulless fuckers taking advantage of this horrible situation just to make a quick buck. Fucking assholes.

I’ve also seen god awful photoshopped pictures of Al and Dave holding shirts on Facebook as some sort of ‘endorsement’. It’s just more scum of the earth trying to dupe you.

Don’t be an idiot. Don’t buy the shit.

Also if you’re one of the leeches selling this shit, fuck you.

Also, before people start attacking People Magazine, it’s not actually an article from them. This CBD oil company is using it as a template to scam people.

If you DO happen to know the people behind this, by all means harass the shit outta them. You have my blessing.