David Hasselhoff, “Liam Gallagher. Why trash your brother Noel Gallagher?”

In a recent interview with RadioX, Liam Gallagher couldn’t resist taking a couple of more shots at his brother, Noel.  Everything was business as usual until David Hasselhoff gets brought into the mix, prompting a response from the former Baywatch star (located below).

Regarding Noel’s new record, Liam said: “Did you have a good sleep after it? That’s what I needed last night, man – to be out for the count. I wouldn’t have got here today. I’d be there snoring like a big old bear.”

Liam continued: “It’s very U2-y, if you like that kind of thing. He’s trying something new, and why not? I can’t wait for him to play it live. That will be good, good luck with that, mate.”

At some point in the interview, Liam sees a poster advertisement for an ocean cruise with David Hasselhoff and comments, “He’s more psychedelic than our kid.”

The Hoff Responds:

David Hasselhoff:

“Liam Gallagher. Why trash your brother Noel Gallagher of all people & then include me? If Oasis had done a cruise I would have gone.  ALL the best.”

Liam Gallagher will release his new solo effort, As You Were, tomorrow, October 6th.

Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds will release Who Built The Moon? on November 24, 2017.