David Bowie ‘VH1 Storytellers’ Double LP/Vinyl Release Announced – Bonus Tracks

David Bowie (Official): Friday is the 20th anniversary of Bowie’s set at The Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York for the VH1 Storytellers series. In celebration, Parlophone will issue a double vinyl LP on 11th October, with four bonus tracks not on the original 2009 CD.



Side 1:

1. Life On Mars?

2. Rebel Rebel (truncated)

3. Thursday’s Child

Side 2:

1. Can’t Help Thinking About Me

2. China Girl

3. Seven

Side 3:

1. Drive-In Saturday

2. Word On A Wing

3. Survive*

Side 4:

1. I Can’t Read*

2. Always Crashing In The Same Car*

3. If I’m Dreaming My Life*

*Bonus recordings not included on the original CD.

DAVID BOWIE VH1 STORYTELLERS will be released via Parlophone October 11, 2019.