Circus Magazine Creator, “Parasitic Metal Sites Try to Steal from Us”

CIRCUS Creator/Chief Administrator JG Rothberg

Circus Magazine posted the following statement on their Facebook page,
“Payroll hours for our staff to produce this page along with other CIRCUS projects are generated by the amount of support (sharing our posts / liking this page) we receive from the fans. When that support weakens, we have to take the day off.

“We’ve secured exclusive rights to never-before-seen-or-heard content in our vault that won’t be released until our fanbase grows because it cost us too much to be given away for free while other parasitic “metal” sites try to steal them from us for their own benefit.

“Bringing your friends and family here guarantees that you’ll receive daily posts from us that you won’t find anywhere else and it positions us to finally bury the thieving, disposable music pages. We appreciate and value those who already help.”