UAD Manley VOXBOX Channel Plug-in – Review & Tips

Universal Audio’s Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip Plug-In exclusively for UAD-2 and Apollo hardware

— Endorsed by Manley Labs and developed by the world-class algorithm team at Universal Audio, the Manley VOXBOX plug-in features Unison™ technology for real-time vocal tracking with Apollo audio interfaces —

Track in real time with the ultimate all‑tube vocal processor.

Key Features

An authentic end-to-end circuit emulation of Manley’s state-of-the-art vocal channel strip exclusively for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces
Provides the clarity and headroom of Manley’s high-fidelity, Class A tube mic preamp
Features Manley’s famous optical compressor with 25 Attack and Release combinations and Pultec-style passive EQ with 33 selectable frequencies
Additional tube-based de-esser/limiter section
Unison technology for Apollo interfaces offers authentic tone, touch, and feel of Manley’s VOXBOX thanks to precise impedance matchin

UAD Manley VOXBOX Review


I’ve been using the real VoxBox everyday for 20 years. I’ve been asking UA for this for at least 10, and it finally came, yes!!! I just had the opportunity to test it on my laptop in a Paris session, and I was completely blown away. It sounds THE SAME!!!

Now my studio and travel setup match perfectly.

Now if my original Voxbox dies, I’ll have a backup, and now it’s in my travel template.

Amazing job yet again!!! -J. Ducornet

Believe the Hype – magnificent!

This is simply superb. Not only is the compressor perfect on vocals (do not worry about the fixed 3:1 ratio as it is spot on), the DeEsser does exactly what it should with no lisping artifacts and the Pultec inspired EQ is a touch of pure glitter on an already stunning channel strip that is simply a joy to use. Getting the vocals sounding and sitting properly in the mix has never been as simple (unless you had the original hardware unit of course) -N. Wilkes

Another amazing Manley plugin

The Vari-Mu and Massive Passive plugins are my favorite plugins during mastering, the new VOXBOX plugin, after testing it extensively, has become my favorite plugin on lead vocals. It’s basically all you need to make a vocal sit perfectly in the mix. The compressor is smooth and versatile, as it has a lot of attack/release options. The gain, when pushed, adds some extra character, just perfect! The de-esser is smooth and very effective in my experience, I have not found a de-esser plugin that sounds as natural as this one. The EQ section is smooth and can shape a vocal to taste. UA and Manley did it again, what an amazing plugin! -M. Hoomans