KISS: Vinnie Vincent @ Creatures Fest 2022 – VIDEO/PHOTOS – Creatures Tank

Vinnie Vincent Arrives @ Creatures Fest 2022 – Check back, we’ll add more pics and videos throughout the weekend. If you are attending Creatures Fest and would like to notify us when you upload anything Vinnie Vincent-related, tag us on Twitter: @fullinbloom

Neil Davis:

The Vinnie Vincent Meet & Greet on Sunday (5/29) is not only going to be glorious on its own, but the picture will be you and Vinnie standing with the ‘Creatures Tank.’ Bring all of your Vinnie Vincent Invasion/KISS stuff, anything you want to get autographed, bring it over.

Vinnie Vincent:

It’s going to be really great. This is going to be the show of all shows and to this man’s credit, no one has ever arranged anything this big, this special, or this historic.