Gene Simmons, “Holy f#%k, guys. People still believe this is a $50,000 box set.”

During a recent interview, Gene Simmons once again denied that he was peddling his new comprehensive box set – featuring all of his solo material, plus 150 unreleased songs – for $50,000. Although there is a $50,000 option called the Home Experience, the KISS co-founder has two other options available, a Vault Experience priced at $2,000 and a Producer Experience priced at $25,000. A detailed explanation of each plan can be found on our previous post at this location.

Regarding the box set being sold for $50,000 on his official website, Simmons replied, “that’s incorrect, bring it up on your cell phone and show us you know what you are talking about. Go to and read the very first line.” Once the website loaded, Simmons reviewed it before commenting, “yeah, this is old.” Simmons then takes out his personal cell phone and begins to contact his webmasters, “you helped me get our guys, because they’ve been asleep at the wheel…so I’m going to email them now.” The interviewer says, “I don’t want to get anybody fired, Gene.” Simmons quickly fired back, “Oh, I will,” and then began dictating the following message to his webmasters: “Holy fuck, guys. People still believe this is a $50,000 box set. And that’s because of your front page. Again, get rid of Producer & Home Experience off the front page, for fuck’s sake.” The entire interview has been embedded below.