Duff McKagan, “On 9/11, my brother Tim Medvetz was in a hospital bed” The Heroes Project

Duff McKagan: On 9/11, my brother Tim Medvetz was in a hospital bed fighting to save his leg after a real bad motorcycle accident. He came-to from surgery to the buildings falling in NYC. He pledged himself to those victims from that moment on, and thus began the long journey to help badly injured Veterans with The Heroes Project . THP has become a dispute and house of champions for injured Vets….climbing the highest mountains in the world, and building new lives after. I will never forget 9/11…but it’s thing like THP that makes America the badass we are…just people helping people. No red tape. No sides. Just humanity and brotherhood.


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The Heroes Project
The Heroes Project is dedicated to redefining the personal limits of injured veterans through extreme outdoor expeditions and community support ?? www.cycleforheroes.org