RATT “Round and Round” – Inside the Album w/ Producer Beau Hill – full in bloom Interview Preview

This preview excerpt below was taken from the full in bloom interview with Beau Hill, who produced, engineered & mixed RATT’s multi-platinum album, Out of the Cellar.

The ‘BRAND NEW ‘Out of the Cellar’ interview w/ Beau Hill will be released on 3/27/19.  We talk all about his experience recording the group’s 1984 3x platinum album.

In the preview clip, Beau talks about his struggles with the band and recording RATT’s first hit, “Round and Round.”  Watch the clip below.

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Beau Hill Interview Preview Excerpt:

Beau Hill Interview Preview Transcribed:

Beau Hill:  They (RATT) questioned every single thing I’d suggest.  When we went into pre-production rehearsals and I started rearranging material, they were just like, ‘wait a minute, dude, what are you up to?’  I really, really, really had to earn my stripes with those guys to get anything done.  Over the course of that record, I became very good friends with (RATT guitarist) Robbin Crosby.  Then…..I’m just trying to be able to speak about this succinctly.  They questioned every single thing that I suggested, which again was fair enough, because they didn’t know if my ideas were any good or not.  I think the best illustration of that would be on “Round and Round.”  When the original arrangement came around, they had that stop right before the chorus and that stop just drove me crazy, because all the momentum and all the energy and all the forward movement of the track to try to get you to lift into the chorus just killed it, for me anyway.  I presented every possible solution to those guys, from an arrangement point of view, and they said, ‘nope, we’re leaving that hole in there….nope, we’re not doing it.’  I couldn’t convince them to do it.  So, therein lies the mother of invention, because that hole drove me so crazy.  I was in the studio by myself, which I did every day, and I was just experimenting.  I flipped the tape over and triggered that vocal that did that (“Round and Round” echo sound), which turned out to be the big hook that sold the song.  But it was just because they refused to help me fill in that gap.

full in bloom:  I was sitting there, while you were talking, trying to remember the song, going through the verse and into that (the chorus)….and I thought, ‘God, I thought they did kind of stop.’  But I do remember that kind of pre-delay of “Round and Round” going on into the chorus.

Beau:  Right.  It was rhythmic, so it kept the forward motion of the song, which was the main thing I was concerned with.  The song was already recorded.  It was done in the original way that they wanted it, with that hole.  I was in the process of mixing and that’s when that idea hit me.  When I played it for the guys in the band, at first it was as expected, everyone went, ‘no way, man, that sucks, that’s terrible.’  Over time, I believe Robbin was the first one, he went, ‘you know what, that might be kind of cool.’  Once I got Robbin on my side, the other dominoes fell, so to speak.  And then we had such a massive hit with it at that point, I could say the sky was purple and somebody in the band would go, ‘well ok, I guess it’s purple ‘.  So, it changed the working relationship.

full in bloom:  I’m sure.

RATT “Round and Round” Official Video: