Ozzy Osbourne, “People go on about the Liverpool thing, but Birmingham had so much talent”

Ozzy Osbourne was recently interviewed by  Huffington Post.  Here are some highlights:

I could have been a burglar…

“People ask if I have any regrets and would I change anything, and of course we all have regrets, but I wouldn’t change anything because I believe in fate. I could have gone any which way – I could have been a burglar.

“I tried my hand at all sorts of things, but I knew that it was music that was going to change my life.

“Someone asked me what the best gift I’ve ever had was, and I thought about things Sharon has bought me, but then it dawned on me – my father went into debt to buy me a PA system. If he hadn’t have done that, I wouldn’t be sitting talking to you now.”

The final Black Sabbath show at the NEC was really emotional…

“It was a befitting end to a great experience. We started out playing bars and what have you in Birmingham and we ended in Birmingham. It was a really nice, romantic way to end. It was a magical night.”

Birmingham has so much talent…

“John Bonham and Robert Plant come from the Midlands area, there’s Slade, Roy Wood, Stevie Windwood, The Moody Blues, Black Sabbath, The Move, Jeff Lynne, ELO – it was one after the other.

“What gets me is a lot of people go on about the Liverpool thing, but Birmingham had so much talent. But they didn’t get the same reaction like they did in Liverpool.”

I’d love to spend more time in the UK…

“The reason why we live in LA is because our children live there. I keep saying that I want to spend as much time living here as in LA, but it’s the children we are there for. Sometimes, when we have a family feud, I’ll go, ‘when does the next plane go home?’. It’s just where the kids are.”